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Society Needs To Save Timber

Trees are essential to life on earth. Their leaves give off a lot of the oxygen we need to survive. It has been estimated that one regular-sized tree can give oxygen enough for four humans. Imagine if all the trees were cut down. We would find it hard to breathe. Every day logging and clear-cutting have negatively impacted the population of trees around the world. How can we counteract those negative actions?

Here are some ways:

Plant more trees. Trees can live hundreds of years if untouched by natural disasters, pollution, disease, or human activity. The more trees we plant now, the more there will be to enjoy and to use in the future. This will counteract the depletion of trees through natural or manmade causes. You can plant several trees in your own back yard or you can donate trees to parks in your area. There are many causes you can support that promote the planting of trees. You can donate or buy products from those who actually do plant more trees to save the environment.

Go digital. Use less paper at the office and at home. Buy e-books instead of paperbacks. Email instead of fax. Documents can now be signed online and saved instead of having hard copies. Use your mobile devices for note taking. You can record lectures to audio recording devices instead of making notes on paper.

Recycle the paper or cardboard boxes you already have. Don’t let it go to the landfill. Putting it in the recycling bin saves more new trees from being cut down.

Reuse bags or bins for holding groceries instead of getting new paper bags at the market for your groceries. It is wise to invest in these reusable bags or bins. This prevents more trees from being cut down to supply more paper bags. Instead of paper bag lunches, you can also use reusable lunch bags that last a lifetime.

Use reclaimed wood for furniture and flooring instead of new wood. All you need to do is some floor sanding and polishing and the reclaimed wood will look brand new again. The reclaimed wood actually looks better than some new wood.

Be aware of what’s going on when it comes to trees. Boycott and avoid buying from companies that condone the clear cutting of rainforests for plantations. Help educate others and the new generation of the value of trees so that they too can help preserve them, and they can avoid actions that are detrimental to trees.