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When Life Gives You Lemons

Chemicals! It seems like back in the day, no matter what you exposed yourself to, you could handle it. Our parents and grandparents were strong as oxen. As time goes on, we see that more and more people are finding out that they have different types of allergies or have developed sensitivities to chemicals. Nowadays, people are replacing bleach and all purpose cleaner with things like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide or even fruit. The result? People aren’t breaking out in rashes and their homes are sparkling clean. What are some natural cleaning methods that you could inculcate into your cleaning regimen? It would be good to think of natural alternatives especially if you have developed sensitivities to chemicals.

First of all, go down to your local supermarket and buy some lemons. They are great for cleaning. The acidity of a lemon is perfect for getting out different types of stains. For best results, mix cut up lemons with some salt. You can also dip the cut up lemon into some baking soda. Use this to wipe down your counter tops. Make sure to wipe it off with a wet rag and dry it. Be careful not to use it on stainless steel because it could damage it.

When you are doing your dishes, it’s a great idea to add some lemon juice in with the wash. Start with a teaspoon and go from there. If you feel its too weak, make sure to add more. Your dishes will glisten.
Do you love how your garbage smells? Do the flies make you feel good? Of course not! We hate it. What can you do? Buy a lemon, cut it up and throw it in with the bag. It will help cut the smell. The same can be done with the garbage disposal bin.

Instead of using bleach to get your whites white, try a lemon. Add a half a cup of lemon juice to your wash when it’s going through the rinse cycle. You should see good results.

You come home from the supermarket and start to cut and separate all the meat you bought into different baggies. Have you ever experienced trying to wash your hands after? It feels like you just can’t get rid of the fat on your hands. What can you do? That’s right, buy some more lemons. Rub your hands in some lemon juice. This will cut the fatty residue on your hands.

Who knew you could do so much with lemons and baking soda. For all your other big cleaning needs, contact bond cleaners to help you. They can cater to all your specific cleaning needs and sensitivities.